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3rd March 2010

New Association for Research of Electromagnetic Fields
A major environmental problem today is the increase of man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) and related non-ionising radiation. The related health risk has been recently addressed by the European Parliament (1), European Environmental Agency (2), Russia’s Center for Electromagnetic Safety (RNCNIRP) (3), as well as environmental organisations in various countries (4).
All people, animals and plants are increasingly exposed to non-ionising radiation. Children's risks are particularly high.

We already know that estimated one in ten people suffers from artificial EMFs. These disturbances and problems in our opinion should be systematically explored and diagnosed. We also hope that the research of biological effects would be supported, not hindered, like has happened in recent decades. Already in 1972, the biological risks were reported in detail (5), but it has gone almost 40 years before these risks are being addressed.

A growing number of studies suggest that human-generated, both ELF and RF non-ionising radiation can cause DNA breaks which in turn can cause mutations that give rise to tumours, i.e. the body's own repair mechanisms are disturbed (6).
Currently, part of the population suffers from increased fatigue, irritation, insomnia, sleep disorders, heart and gastrointestinal disturbances. Especially the pulsed microwave radiation seems to be harmful (7). Insurance companies are wary, and they conducted a study in Austria in 2009 of biological effects of non-ionising radiation. Based on this study the Minister of Health gave a recommendation (8).

Official regulations take only in consideration the short term (6-minute) heating effect, but does not take in consideration biological effects and chronic, year long exposure.
Many countries are committed to the precautionary principle, but in practice there are hardly any actions. Cell phones, computers, base stations and electric network are not tested for biological effects and therefore risky devices and network systems are on the market. Some people - especially those who have been heavily exposed by ELF and RF fields in their professions - have lost their health, and at the same time livelihood and opportunity to serve society.

In order to increase independent research activities and to guide the development of equipment to safer direction, a new association is established: the International Scientific Union of Electromagnetic Biology (ISUEB),
The association supports and promotes research of biological effects with integration into the international research community and the development work of healthier guidance levels (9). The goal is to develop methods to diagnose and treat the symptoms and diseases caused by electromagnetic fields exposure (10).

The association was originally established in the city of Turku (Åbo) in Finland.

More information about the association's activities:

Professor in physiology Osmo Hänninen.
E-mail osmo.hanninen [at], Tel. +358-50-5506903.




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